We work to future-proof buildings as a means of lowering costs, protecting assets and reducing and mitigating risk of damage.

What do we do

IOT Smart Sensors


Network and WiFi

Our Process



We take building plans, engineering plans or CADS and ask questions pertaining to goals and objectives for the building. This includes questions regarding Security – Access Control and Surveillance Cameras, Network and WiFi, HVAC and IOT Smart Sensors



We analyze the plans for all services requested and present our overall thoughts on what we believe is best for the building.



We provide quotes for all services requested and recommend cost off setting methods which make the services requested more affordable.



Once all plans and quotes are signed off, we begin our install timeline.

VinVu Offset Program

We know the purchasing of technology can be costly. The VinVu Offset Program allows clients to obtain the technology needed to make their building safe and efficient while offsetting costs.

Our program utilizes the following techniques:

  • Lowering of Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Use of R&D Tax Credits
  • Rebates, Incentives & Savings
  • Government Programs
  • 5G Towers
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) Internet
  • Financing
  • VinVu Investment Fund